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No Heat

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No Heat

Postby THansonNYC » Tue Jan 07, 2003 7:38 pm

We have been without heat for 4 days. The landlady says she is working on it, but that we can heat the apartment with the oven. Can I expect a rebate for the added gas bill? How do I go about this? Can we do anything to expedite the repair of the furnace?
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Re: No Heat

Postby John24 » Wed Jan 08, 2003 1:18 am

If the heat is out and it's no ones fault, just old age, I don't think your landlady would pay u back
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Re: No Heat

Postby HAJ77 » Wed Jan 08, 2003 10:40 am

DO NOT use the oven to heat your apartment. It is potentially deadly with a serious risk of fire and carbon monoxide posioning.

By law, the LL must provide heat, not excuses about the lack of heat. The quote below is from HousingNYC.COM FAQ - Quality of Life and is rather clear about heat requirements.

By law, building owners must provide all tenants with the following levels of heat (During the heating season, October 1 through May 31):

Between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., heat must register at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit when the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees;
Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., heat must register at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit when the outside temperature falls below 40 degrees.
Tenants in New York City with heat and/or hot water complaints should call the NYC Central Complaint Bureau's Hot Line (212) 824-4328.

In addition, rent stabilized and rent controlled tenants can file a complaint with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (718-739-6400) if the landlord is violating the above rules. For more details, see the relevant fact sheet on our web site.

If you find that the landlord IS in fact meeting the heating standards but it still feels cold to you, you might talk with the landlord about repairing windows or other openings that are allowing drafts to enter the apartment. Sometimes some caulking, tape or insulation around windows will provide tremendous heat saving benefits.
I would immediately contact the number provided and also write a certified letter to your LL informing them that by law she is required to provide adequate heat and you expect she will do so from this point forward.
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Re: No Heat

Postby Cranky Tenant » Wed Jan 08, 2003 12:05 pm

If you absolutely have to use the stove to heat the apartment, you should boil a pot of water on the burners. This is supposed to decrease the amount of carbon monoxide and the added humidity should make the place feel warmer.

I can't remember if this was suggested by city inspectors or ConEd when we were without hear, but it occasionally appears on the news when they give no heat advisories.
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