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Somewhat Complicated

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Somewhat Complicated

Postby Tracey » Fri Jul 19, 2002 1:37 pm

My family currently is renting an apartment in Long Island. We have lived there for 31/2 years (4 In October.) The past year we didn't have a lease and have just recently got one and here are the reasons for this.

We moved in Oct 98 to this apartment and had NO PROBLEMS Fast Forward to June 02. We rent the upstairs and the lady downstairs is threating us non stop and complaining that we are bad tenants. Her brother is our landlord and the brother and sister (the lady that lives downstairs) are fighthing but now seems we are stuck in the middle of this fight.

She wants us gone has left eviction notes on our door, has recently changed the locks on the side door (where the lady enters in and out of) so we can't do our laundry, and locked the front door (That has NEVER been locked before) without us having keys which in turns means climbing through windows on the second floor. We were told that her locking the front door before us having keys is illegal.

Originally she told us that she likes us we're great tenants but she is buying out the house from the landlords. The landlords are getting a divorce and we found out, that is NOT true, they are not allowed to sell the house to anyone. Since that plan didn't work, she has since been threatening/harrassing us and pulling all sorts of stunts to keep us out.

As all of this has unfolded we have found out that our 2 family home is illegal and she is reporting it along with the house next door that our landlord owns. The landlord assures us, he just has to get a permit and it will be taken care of.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this nut job? Or tell me what I can or my family can do to stop the harrassment and what exactly our rights are.

She has even gone as far as to block the driveway up so nobody can get in or out. SHE IS CRAZY!

Please Please help us.
Tracey in Long Island
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Re: Somewhat Complicated

Postby HAJ77 » Fri Jul 19, 2002 2:22 pm

Call the police. It's is illegal for the LL to change the locks without giving you a copy of the key or to block you form accessing your apartment. That said, your post was a bit confusing, from what you said the brother owns the building. If so, you need to treat him as your LL and not your neighbors brother, send a certified letter outling what's going on and any police reports that may have been filed. This will be proof that he knows what's going on and can be grounds for a nuisances charge. Personally, unless it's a great deal, finding a new apartment might be the best option.
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Re: Somewhat Complicated

Postby Tracey » Fri Jul 19, 2002 2:27 pm

What I mean is the brother is OUR LL, but the sister of the landlord lives downstairs in the downstairs apartment. We live in a 2 family house. She has no rights to what is going on. The lady downstairs NOT the LL changed the side lock door, not allowing us access to the washer and dryer. The side door leads to the basement (our washer and dryer) and leads to her apartment. The front door leads to also her apartment and our apartment (the second Floor)

With all this said, the front door is never locked because we each have a door to our apartment. The set up is somewhat weird, but never the less thats the way it is. So the front door is sorta like a dummy door.

The LL is on our side, he wants us to stay, and is helping us in any way possible, but she continues to do these stupid things and its annoying. Especially with a 16 month old, its just ridiculous.

Make sense???
Tracey in Long Island
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Re: Somewhat Complicated

Postby Brooklyn Babe » Mon Jul 22, 2002 10:28 am

The only person you need to deal with is your LL, not the crazy lady-she's the LL's problem.
You must call the police regarding the illegal lock change (read illegal evictions on tenant net homepage), show police lease where she is NOT your LL, just another tenant. Either she hands you a copy of the keys to all locks or you change the locks, give her a copy of all keys, and deduct the locksmith bill from your rent. Send your LL a letter outlining all the incidents with a copy of her "eviction" notices, and any other documentation. Tell him she is creating a nuisance and is interfering with your "right to quiet enjoyment". You may want to ask the LL for compensation/abatement in rent regarding the hassle and harassment.
Also, check Long Isl. L/T law regarding illegal apartments- you may not have to pay rent until he gets the permit.
The above information is from a non-attorney tenant activist and is not considered or to be used as legal advice.
Brooklyn Babe
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