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Can I sue my LL?

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Can I sue my LL?

Postby chowjusky » Thu Aug 22, 2002 1:42 pm

Please can someone out there give me the name of a good lawyer/advice center. My problems with my apartment started on Aug 5 when I had a massive (niagara style) flood caused by contractors renovating the apartment above mine and breaking the water pipes in the process. To compound the issue it happened at 11:30 at night and neither the landlord/super/management company were reachable and we had to call the FDNY to stop the flood. To make matters worse this all happened 5 hours before I left on vacation. (So as you can guess I didn't enjoy my vacation much!) When I left I told the Super he could access my apt anytime to clean-up (nothing was done and I came back to a mold/debris encrusted pit). The management company has not even returned my calls and I have had one meeting with the LL over two weeks after everything happened. He gave me the usual spiel of repairing everything but he stated that it will take two weeks and I will have to remain in my apartment whilst they repair it (and believe me this is not a repaint job!) I have told him that I am witholding rent and he wasn't impressed and stated that he was still providing a service to me and I still had to pay! All in all I am throughly pissed-off with the whole thing and I want to be compensated for the physical/emotional hardship that has been caused my LL and his cowboys. After 4 years of being the ideal tenant I have come to the realisation that when it comes to the crunch it's just not worth the trouble of making my rent on time and keeping a low profile.
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