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Extortion? LL's random demands for extra money

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Extortion? LL's random demands for extra money

Postby Alexander » Sat Mar 01, 2003 1:57 pm

(Slumlord) LL called at 7 am demanding money from my roommate, said he'd evict everyone if my roommate didn't pay same day - claimed roommate was late in paying rent. But I know roommate wasn't late because he is only sublesee, rent money goes to LL from our sublessor - we only pay electric directly to the LL. I paid roommate's money up front since he was out of town, asked for receipt from LL. LL would only give me a receipt which said the amount was for rent - patently impossible. We still have to pay electric as though we hadn't given that money up front, and have no idea towards what that money went. (Sublessor DID pay rent properly to LL). LL refuses to be more specific about what the money was for, threatens with eviction when we ask for more information. We live in a commerically zoned converted loft, don't want to move out/be evicted. Is there any way we can force transparancy on the LL, stop the extortion without risking eviction?
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Re: Extortion? LL's random demands for extra money

Postby sabrina » Sun Mar 02, 2003 10:51 am

I had a similar problem with my ll demanding money for her Con Ed bill that I did not owe. I was threatened with eviction and with the electricity being turned off. Under duress, I paid the extortion money. I did not want to move out either, but it was either that or putting up the continued stress of her extorting money from me. This type of ll will not change. Move out immediately. If I could move out last week while on unemployment, I think anyone can find a new place to live. In fact, my new place is bigger and costs less!

If you are tired of the ll's nonsense, move out ASAP. It will not get any better. Also I am about to file a harassment complaint against my former LL. Of course, I could only do this AFTER I moved out.

Good luck.
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