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LL's responsibilities before new tenant moves in???

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LL's responsibilities before new tenant moves in???

Postby halfiejules » Tue Sep 10, 2002 11:19 pm

What is a landlord legally obligated to take care of after an old tenant moves out of an apartment but before the new tenant moves in? Re-paint the walls? Change the locks? Steam clean the carpets? Are those things usual but not actually required? Anyone have any idea?

I ask because my landlord is withholding my security deposit from the apartment I moved out of over 2 months ago, but she won't return my phone calls so I have no idea what her reasoning is. I'm probably taking her to small claims court over this, but I want to find out if she can legally deduct the costs for carpet cleaning, changing locks (she claimed at one point that it cost her $500!!), etc. from my security deposit. I left the place in reasonable condition, just the usual wear and tear of living in a place for a year and a half (it was an 18 month lease).
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