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is this harrassment?

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is this harrassment?

Postby guavakiss » Sat Aug 24, 2002 11:56 pm

I live in a one bedroom stabilized rent apartment in a brownstone. LL lives in first floor!!
Everything was fine until I had a huge flood - from ceiling in June. It took 37 days to fix the mess. Room was unhabitable. After many requests I had to place a complain and LL got really upset.

After that... LL change the locks in the main door to one of those multi-lock keys. Gave me one key and refuses to give me another one. When I have guests (including my elderlyparents). My guests have to ring the LL bell to get in when I m not in or I have to give them my key and then LL has to open door for me. My cleaning lady can't come in anymore unless I am home and can let her in. The dog walker can't get in. LL knows I rely on these services to function. LL is using this key leverage to make me move out by inconveniencing me. (ITS WORKING)
LL is acting like is running a rooming house! In my business all the time, disconnected the intercomm- now I must walk down four flights to let in guests.
Friday called me on the phone and said I never gave her the signed lease- not true I signed it, kept a copy and gave it to her to execute.Aparently LL did not. Been in the apartment for over two years- paid rent with personal checks and have copies. LL said I can;t stay here because I dont have a lease...

I suspect the LL is suffering from minor dementia, however thats not my problem. I just want to leave in peace and want LL to respect my rights.

What should I do???

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Re: is this harrassment?

Postby Brooklyn Babe » Sun Aug 25, 2002 1:05 pm

How many apts are in the building? When does your lease expire?
What your LL is doing is wrong. He must give you all keys to the front door. What he is doing is "constructively evicting" you -decreasing services in order to have you move.
You have several options: First, you may want to consult with the local Pro Se Atty. at Housing Crt.
2nd, you may want to go to the police station and tell them you have been illegally locked out, as you do not have 1 of the front door keys. Make a copy of all your documents proving you live there (keep a copy at work, in case your LL goes into your apt.). The Police are supposed to make your LL give you over a key or arrest him. I suggest you go to the Station first to explain the situation, then get them to accompany you.
In regards to the intercom, you can file a complaint with HPD to have him fix it.
I think there are also many steps you can take with DHCR, including filing a harrassment complaint. Go to the website to find out more http://www.dhcr.state.ny.us/ . Call them to find out what to do about the lease also.
Prior to doing all the above, you may want to send your LL (via cert. of mailing) a letter outling the repairs needed (keys, intercom etc.) and the fact that her actions are in violation of your rental agreement. Maybe give her 5 business days to correct? then go forward.
Best of luck...
The above information is from a non-attorney tenant activist and is not considered or to be used as legal advice.
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