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Is this considered normal wear and tear?

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Is this considered normal wear and tear?

Postby ctny » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:47 am

I have been living in this apartment for a few years and will be moving out in a few months when the lease is up due to personal reasons.

In the past winters and including this one, I have used foam tapes to seal the windows. However, the tape is not easy to remove, the foam pieces tend to break off and stick to the window or the tape takes bits of paint off with it.

This type of foam tape from home depot I used:
http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/sto ... reNum=6175

My question is if there is no way for me to completely clean up the windows, is it considered normal wear and tear (which I assume I don't need to pay for, correct?) or damage?
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Postby Emeraldstar » Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:44 pm

Hi All
Im not sure of the name of the product but my neighbor once shared with me an adhesive remover they purchased in an art store. It worked great to remove the gummy residue left behind on my door frame from old sealant tape. Just slowly rub it across the gum. My door frame is metal so be sure to check at the store if it can alter paint. I did not see any removal other than the residue.
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Postby TenantNet » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:09 pm

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