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HPD and DOB Violations Ignored

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HPD and DOB Violations Ignored

Postby ciale » Sun Dec 29, 2002 1:31 am

Open Forum here:

HPD and DOB have multiple registered violations against a landlord. They can be found on line in a search. But, even though some of the violations are months old, nothing has been done to cure them. Some, even though they still exist, have been stricken from the records according to latest documentation received directly from both HPD and DOB.

Also, there are fire hazards registered and nothing has been done to "cure" them. Exits are obstructed, entrances have been obstructed. This has been reported and allegedly investigated.

Some of the violations include structural problems with the building (sinking floors, holes in ceilings, water polution found to be caused by internal plumbing, wall fixtures improperly affixed to walls, etc.). Yet, New York City does nothing to persue these problems and when the situations are taken to court, the "records" show that there are no violations.

I can probably be sure that this situation exists in other buildings. So I'm wondering: How? Why?

And when tenants get into court, the courts look at the reports and never send their own inspectors.

So what's the deal here? Is it time to get to HPD and DOB and maybe get the services we're paying for in our tax dollars?

Again, open forum.
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Re: HPD and DOB Violations Ignored

Postby Lilly » Tue Dec 31, 2002 12:59 am

You have to specifically request an inspection from the judge when you appear in court. Photos also help.
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Re: HPD and DOB Violations Ignored

Postby HAJ77 » Tue Dec 31, 2002 10:13 am

Another idea is to make a video tape of the apartment that can be submitted in court. Get a friend to record you as you illustrate the problems in the apartment, also consider playing the radio in the background (a station like 1010WINS or WCBS880) that constantly gives the time and date.
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