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Mental Roommate - Options?

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Mental Roommate - Options?

Postby dude7709 » Wed Mar 17, 2021 9:17 pm

RM stays in bedroom most of the time except for getting food.
Last 4 yrs been somewhat amicable...but now gone off the deep end!

Have signed living arrangement agreement, however believe RM
has decided to do the following:
1. Won't run the DW - Course I can do this!
2. Do my laundry - again, I'm sure I can figure this out, even though more deluxe W/D.
3. Clean carpet where RM's pet's have made messes.
4. No longer taking care of sundries and household item as per LAA.


1. Try to reason with her and find out why the change?
2. If we just get in a heated argument, just move out, even though lease not ended until Sept.
a. If do this, would only be liable for my 50% of remaining lease as stated per LAA.
3. Any other suggestions?

Tired and Frustrated!!
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Re: Mental Roommate - Options?

Postby TenantNet » Wed Mar 17, 2021 9:35 pm

When you say roommate, you need to specify if this is a co-tenant (on the lease) or just a person you have invited to live with you and you share the rent. Even outside of NY, the rights of either depend on who is on the lease. Also, your local laws will also determine any rights either of you have. A "living arrangement agreement" is not the same thing as being on the lease, and it does not determine leasehold or who owes what.

What you describe as mental sounds merely aggravating, not legally mental. What you describe regarding dishwasher and laundry, I would suggest you two work it out.
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