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wrongful evictions/ texas usa

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wrongful evictions/ texas usa

Postby jetta1234 » Wed May 28, 2014 1:38 am

have been living in the same address for 7 years, i have the same phone number, not one complaint, or lease violation, rent is paid through auto bill pay at my bank and has never been late....

i am being evicted because of accusations of unauthorized persons living in my apartment.... i am in process of finding a replacement room mate... the office knows this i screen and interview, go over house rules and then send them to office for processing application and criminal background. This is where the ball gets dropped, the office will say they out of applications ask persons to return several times or just do not process application. i am trying to keep my 2 bedroom until my son returns in june 2014 and what happens i get evicted in may 2014.. a woman whom wanted her nephew to live with me refused to get application and threatened and bullied me and i wouldn't go for it.. well she turned me in for subleasing.said she used to work for hud and knew exactly what to say and do to have me kicked out. am on disability, cancer survivor deformed from reconstruction, missing part of jaw and tongue.. this lady called me a cancer eaten deformed old b..... word and took my pets and defaced family portraits by stealing spare keys from my home,after she left the office, i try to tell office and they won't believe me because she took a copy of house rules i emailed her to look over.. she changed the dates and had her nephew sign them..... I will not only lose my home but my social security and medicare and health insurance.. heres' the bottom line.....papers say evicted for being " a threat to the safety of others" criminal activity.and disturbing the right for a peaceful dwelling... never have I been either one!!! i am the neighborhood sweetheart ....my visitors and/or applicants have never engaged in those activities neither.. these are all false accusations and without even consulting me or asking me about it they served papers to vacate in 30 days........sorry so long im mad.. and i even cut it short.. there is more...jetta
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