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Tennesse Lease

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Tennesse Lease

Postby joishmon » Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:40 pm

I have currently lived in Texas for years, but I am from Memphis, TN, my daughter 17, wanted to exploit Texas laws and leave home, I rushly got her out of the state of texas tookk her back home to Memphis, TN with the intent to move. I leased a house, with the intent of finding a job there, and they required me to sign a 2 year contract. However, it been since August 2014 that I leased this house and I have not been able to find a job. I have not been offered any job, but possible job will dictated a pay cut, in which I would not have been able to afford the $1150 monthly. I have been paying for that place, plus the cost of me stating in Texas to work, in which I continued working in Texas while I job hunt. I contacted my landlord in November and advised that I have not found a job and would like to get out of the contract. In December, I told them right away. I am not getting good communication from them, they ignore my email and I am not sure that they have put the house back on the market for leasing like they state they would. As of today, I gave 30 days notice and told them I will be vacating the premises. I told them it appears they have not put house back on market, I can find it online anyway and they are not responding back to advise me what site it is on.

I need to know my rights to break this lease being that my job is in Dallas, TX and I can't find gainful employment there. I need to know if I will be able to get my security deposit back, as well, and how to handle this. I know they have to reasonable minimize their losses and try to rent this place back out, but it doesn't look like they are. They ignored me for almost a month and did not respond back. It appear they are trying to buy more time for me to continue to pay the rent and they get more money out of me. When, I have stressed the struggle I am having, in paying the cost of living in 2 locations.

Can someone please advise me of what my rights and what I can do to minimize the cost it is going to cost me to walk away from this lease.

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Re: Tennesse Lease

Postby BubbaJoe123 » Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:00 pm

You're going to need someone who knows Tennessee law, since the issues are state (and sometimes county or city) specific. The attached doc might be helpful, there's a contact number on the last page.

That said, in most areas (although not NYC), your landlord does need to attempt to mitigate his losses in the event you break the lease, but that would only start once you've actually broken the lease. So long as you haven't turned over possession (i.e. handed in keys), you're still occupying the place, so no requirement to mitigate would kick in.

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