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Is landlord double-dipping? (Indiana)

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Is landlord double-dipping? (Indiana)

Postby sef1268 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:40 am

Husband and I are breaking our lease, largely due to his illness (we wanted to live closer to my job, so that I can respond faster to emergencies; found a suitable rental soon after renewing current lease). Current lease states that, if we break our lease, we forfeit our damage deposit and must pay $75 for the number of months remaining in the lease (lease was renewed August 1, 2018). I was aware of the "$75 a month" clause, but didn't realize that we also lose our deposit. Just noticed it after digging out the lease while packing.

We agreed to this by signing our lease, so I assume there is no recourse at this point, but it seems a little like double-dipping -- particularly if he rents our current unit right away (and there is a housing shortage in our area, so I'm sure it will be rented again in short order).

Can anyone advise if losing our deposit on top of a monthly fee is legal in the State of Indiana? I have Googled it, but can't seem to find anything that addresses both loss of damage deposit and the monthly fee for remaining number of months in the lease.
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