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The cops were around

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The cops were around

Postby madinpa » Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:07 am

Well, since my last post in August the situation hasn't gotten any better- Even though I had no response from this forum- I consult it regularly for ideas on how to handle the situation with my upstairs neighbor"s". We have tried to talk with the lease holder- she seems to be full of excuses, my partner had a conversation with her in which he has come to the conclusion that not only is she probably suffering from ADD and bi polar disorder, she just feels the noise and the amounts of persons now regularly staying in her unit- even with out her being present- "is none of our business".
Upon another discussion with the landlord in which I did not take part- My partner has informed me that the landlord's stance is that "we are to solve this problem ourselves"- This resulted after months of avoiding the task in calling out the local police the other night because at 11:00 on a Monday night the upstairs tenant and her boyfriend decided to deliberately cause another "domestic disturbance" to wake us by slamming pans onto the floor above- I leaped out of bed and dialed the police. I commend them for their quick responce to the situation.
When the police arrived- it was very obvious to them that the building was quiet- the other tenants were all obviously in for the night- lights off except this one unit above . I opened the door for them since the upstairs tenant was not responding to them ringing her door bell- Clearly upstairs there was much rushing about. I explained the situation briefly to them and that I had already filed a preliminary report several weeks before and that I had called them as a last resort. They were very cooperative and understanding. After my conversation with them they promptly knocked on her door- They were finally acknowledged by her as well as her boyfriend. The usual questions pertaining to the situation were asked of her. Her responce was that they were only cooking dinner at that late hour and that they accidentally dropped a frying pan on the floor- The police responded that it was too late an hour to be making so much noise and that it was obviously a disturbance to the other tenants and that the building was an old one and that they needed to be more considerate- to which the boyfriend got a little cocky with the officer and tried to make me look like I was crazy- that "all I do is complain etc". They were then asked how many people were living in the unit to which she answered 3. This is unknown to the landlord at this time- I do not think he wants that many people living in his building either. The police then asked her how many people were in her unit at that time- She answered 4. They took her name and sort of warned her then left. I must admit that they were extremely quiet for the remainder of the evening- a first. However, she has now got a chip on her shoulder that we called in the police- many of you would say good. The problem is now she is trying to get even- slamming the outside door everytime she enters and leaves and that her "relations" staying with her are now doing the same. My concern is that the other two living with her have no jobs- They sleep all day and begin various activities in the late evening that deliberately disrupt to make a point. They are often left up in her apartment alone and remain there all day-While I and the other lease tenants are away at work. I have even taken a few personal days to sort out things and to keep a necessary eye on the situation. So I know for a fact that they don't work. I've compared them to growing mushrooms- we all know where mushrooms grow. They appear not to be the brightest of individuals and my fear is that something disastrous could happen in the building ie: fire, water leak etc. and that they would be the cause of this and couldn't be held responsible for damages to my unit or belongings since they aren't on a signed lease with the ladnlord nor would they know exactly what to do in this situation if it arises. They are a noisey addition to an already existing problem. On consultation with another neighbor my concerns were valid. The additional cars, the noise, additional persons and the new prowling aspect of one of them- in other words we see eye to eye on this . The unemployed nocturnal cousin has taken up the habit of walking around outside the building in the late evening chain smoking and peering into other tenants units. He has even asked my partner in better times- "where the rich people live in the area" and has asked me why I put a suncoat treatment on my windows- I did this so that the contents could not be viewed from outside. The reason being him and the tenant's sister who would regularly sit outside my livingroom windows at all hours literally looking in- creepy in other words. My new question is this. Our township does not have a fully spelled out noise ordinance in fact it has a clause that if the police are called out for a false report- the caller may be held responsible and fined for it. I intend to call them again, with valid reason. But my partner and I have come to the conclusion that the woman upstairs is a real operator- that she will twist the situation to her advantage and say we a harrasing her- indeed not the case here. How many times must we call the police before they have a valid reason to enter her unit and see exactly what is causing the disturbances, how many people are actually in there, what is the condition of the apartment and if there is anything unlawful going on inside- It's a curious thing that upwards of four individuals now live in this unit with one bathroom, have late model luxury cars with DARE license plates, maintain unusually late hours, and have no jobs to speak of since they seem to only leave sporadically. It has also been observed but not yet mentioned to the police that these people remove their garbage from the property by vehicle despite the availability of a localised trash recepticle- strange and suspicious as well as a noisey disruption.
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Re: The cops were around

Postby Iddabiddy35 » Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:18 pm

MOVE!!! Put your energy in moving and making your life better...
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Re: The cops were around

Postby HardKnocks » Thu Apr 06, 2006 8:27 pm

That post is almost three years old...
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