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Three Questions (Los Angeles)

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Three Questions (Los Angeles)

Postby harryhoudini66 » Mon Apr 21, 2003 8:51 pm

I have been having some communications problems with my landlord that partially stem from her not speaking English to well. I have tried asking her these questions, but I think she may not understand and I am frankly intimidated to continue asking the same thing over and over.

Someone has been vandalizing the property that we live in and the manager believes the vandal is a tenant. At first they tried to catch the perp by asking for everyones assistance. Once they were unable to catch them, they used stronger tactics. They placed memos on everyones doors stating that if the culprit was not found, they would increase the rent. Needless to say, they did not catch the person and increased the rent by $50 (eventually he got caught).We have recently had a copy cat continue with the vandalism and management is treating yet another increase. So my question is can they do that? I think the first increase was inappropriate and a second one would be absurd. Why should we pay for someone elses abuse? The person may not even be a tenant too.

Secondly, when my wife took our kids to play in the back and front of the building, she was told by the manager that kids could no longer play in these areas. She said it was a new rule. Aren’t they supposed to notify us of these changes? Also, since we are paying rent, is that not part of the facility that we are entitled to access?

Thirdly, our carpet is much mistreated and it is totally due to our children. I am thinking of requesting that it be changed, but I am not sure if I would have to pay for it or if it would cause an additional increase in rent. Would this cause an increase?

Lastly, my building is full of some people that are just complete pigs and treat the building like crap. However, in an effort to catch these people, management has been continually posting threatening memos on everyones doors. I understand that some people just don’t respect property. However, I don’t appreciate the threats. It seems that they are approaching the whole situation incorrectly. You might even say it borders on harassment. Anyway, any feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Three Questions (Los Angeles)

Postby Iddabiddy35 » Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:09 pm

The vandalism issue is one for the Police to handle, not your LL. I would suggest that you request the LL to put up cameras - if they are agreeable to that expense. I would put up a 'nanny cam' inside your apartment too. If you admit that your children are wearing down the carpet in your apartment, I believe you are responsible for replacing it but be sure to inform your LL in writing and verbally and let her come into your apartment for inspection. I do know that in the State of California it is the Consumer's Affairs Dept. that handles LL/tenant issues.
I recently checked out Oakland at this web site:
And any 'new rules' from the LL should be put in writing and sent to every tenant.
And can you move out? It doesn't sound like such a nice place to live...good luck.
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