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LL unlawfully changed Lease

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LL unlawfully changed Lease

Postby nicogirl » Fri Feb 03, 2006 3:04 pm

This is my issue.

Ive been living in my apartment less then 6 months, I can honestly tell you that the LL that I have is mentally ill, or just takes no responciblity towards her duties. First off, I've had a faulty furnace since my lease, didn't realize it until the winter kicked in....I've sent Legal Notice to Repair letters to her, and verbally told her to repair it. In retailiation I recieved a letter with another copy of my so called "lease"... When I signed my lease I signed every sheet, and it was three pages, Ive asked fora copy of my lease for awhile now and have not recieved the accurate one. I ended up getting an online printed lease that is six pages long with the last page of my lease stapled to it. . . with the signatures..Stating all the problems that I have had with her, where "approved" in the lease which violotates Tentant Right Laws... I recently served her papers to terminate lease due to failure to repair the apartment. . . There is a whole bunch of things I have had to deal with since I started my lease...Such as coming into my apartment without notice and entering my dwelling, Once when I was home, but She didnt see me bc I was sick in my bed and her husband and her just walked through the house... Her daughter entering my apartment with the front door keys that we were supposed to recieve but her explaination to that was "oh, I was just checking to see if these were actually the keys" as my boyfriend told her to stop where she was. She's threatened to increase my rent by $75 without purpose. And demanding different forms of payment for every rent check, when in the lease it states personal check.
i know this sounds insane, but seriously any advice? Its hard to find a lawyer at the moment because I have 30 days to vacate the property and actually get a decent place to live...
x nico girl x
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Re: LL unlawfully changed Lease

Postby Emeraldstar » Sat Feb 04, 2006 2:16 am

Change lock? Do not give keys until requested in writing? Upon leaving replace the original. Do not pay $75.
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Re: LL unlawfully changed Lease

Postby Downtown » Sat Feb 04, 2006 9:59 am

You have 30 days to vacate...Why, because you want to?
There is an implied warrant of habitability for any rental...heat, hot water, essential elements of living & privacy. Sounds what you have is constructive eviction based on LL's refusal to repair. Make sure you document (also with dated pics), damage, requests for repair (time/date who talked with).
Would use security deposit for last month's rent.
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