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Need Suggestions in New Jersey

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Need Suggestions in New Jersey

Postby Lunachic913 » Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:37 pm

The week before last, our downstairs neighbor put three other families besides his own in extreme danger. His family's stove was so filthy that it emitted carbon monoxide which spread through the whole house. His wife and/or him closed up the exhaust fan in their kitchen. His detector was the only one that sounded off because the levels were so high in their apartment. This guy is a police officer who thinks he is above the law. He is trying to blame the landlord because the stove was in bad shape. I saw the apartment before these people moved in a few years ago and it was not in the shape it was in when they recently replaced it after this incident.There is no excuse for how filthy it was. This guy has had several fall outs with the landlord because he claims there are things wrong in the apartment but he and his wife won't allow the landlord in to do the repairs. Public Service Gas & Electric also said that the stove may have been tampered with. They said it would have been in proper working order if it had been kept clean. Hopefully, the landlord will not renew their lease.
My question is this...can the other tenants and I file some sort of complaint against these people, maybe with the Fire department or somewhere else so it's on record somewhere that they are irresponsible or does the landlord have to do this? One other family besides mine would prefer these people to be asked to leave or evicted.
Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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Re: Need Suggestions in New Jersey

Postby Downtown » Tue Apr 18, 2006 8:17 am

Only a court can evict. You and the other families can pressure LL to send a notice to cure.
There are 2 dangers to an over dirty stove...1. fire 2. Pilots become blocked, possible gas/CO2 buidup/leak and explosion.
These are very real dangers. Would suggest that all in building contact LL and demand to know what is being done to prevent another incident. That yours and others safety are at stake.
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