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Postby danny_isr » Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:04 am

well this is the story.

i'm not in NY (Boulder CO) but maybe it's general enough to make it ok for CO as well.

the bottom line the girl i'm sub leasing from took all my stuff out of my room to "her storage" someone else live in my room. i paid for this month already.
I'm over seas in Israel for a month (had to fly cause some crises im in).
took her 2 days after i left to post an ad on craigslist searching for new roommate.

I have a check of $187 for past due bills that is on the way to her. i don’t know now if to cancel this or not ?? ...

now for the full story details :

this roommate have a lease with the landlord till end of this year.
from talking to the landlord i found out the previous sub leaser(like me) left. and my roommate didn’t pay for him.

When i came over she didn’t want any lease, deposit anything.

i lived there for over about 3 months.

something happened to me (personal issue) and i decided to fly over seas ASAP. i thought maybe just to leave the place , but then i thought it will be easier on me just to keep it, and have some place to return to.
so i told her, hey this is the deal i offer :
i will pay this month till the end of it, and next month only FROM the 13.
that way you dont have to find a new roommate and for me its good to.
TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. she didn’t have to agree.
she told me "talk to the landlord" off course ...because she is not going to pay for this if im leaving.

so i did talk to the landlord , and actually at the end we all agreed that each one will pay $70 for the first two weeks of next month. me , roommate and landlord. AGREED by all the three of us.

then she asked (my roommate) are you going to pay your bills ? i wasn’t even aware that i didn’t pay for last two months , i said sure.

anyhow when i left to the airport she wasn’t around , and i didn’t know how much it is.
i landed in Israel , and first thing i did is sending her text message to her cell. with "e mail me, how much the bills are and i will mail it from here"

she did , and the bills appeared to be much higher. $187 instead of $110-120
so i asked her why is that , she said its the cable TV - got upgraded.
well i'm not using the cable , none in my room.
so i told her take the cable out from the bill.

in response i got a nasty e mail saying it doesn’t matter if i will pay or not and maybe its better that i will leave , and she threat she will move my stuff to storage.

so here i did a really stupid mistake " i wrote my landlord an e mail saying maybe i should not send the $187 to the roommates because i don’t trust her.. and i should see that my stuff are fine before paying etc" BUT i sent that to my roommate instead of the landlord.

so off course my roommate was pissed about this. i called her.
and seems she calmed down. and we agreed i will pay her the full amount of 187. and she said, after she will get it she will decide about our living armaments.

I said ok , and told her it takes time to mail to get to US from Israel .
she said she understand , and she is not going to touch my stuff.

so i went on the 18 to the post office and sent it.
yesterday (26) my friend neighbor wrote this :

"It looks like XXXX found a new roommate. I saw a light on in your room tonight, and it looks like somebody else has moved in. I don't know much else, but from what I can see, it doesn't look like your furniture is still in that room. Either that, or the new guy just moved stuff around.

Thought you should know."

(And now I found out after doing a search on craigslist that on the 17 (day before she told me to send the money) she already post and ad on craigslist searching new roommate.)

so i called her and ask , someone in my room? , she said MAYBE
then i said where my stuff , she said in storage .
i said why u did this ?
she said you owe me money. but i said , i sent it like we agreed . but all she said is , you owe me money.

i called the police , they are absolutely useless. They said its a civil issue not criminal..

i really dont know what to do now. lwayer ? stop payment ?
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