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security deposit, landlord reference and repairs

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security deposit, landlord reference and repairs

Postby thereasonimmad » Sun Jan 28, 2007 6:48 pm

Hi there, For those who don't know I had an issue with my landlord, a repair which he decided to do by himself (at my expense) ,I made him sign a receipt where I said I wasn't going to be liable for anything after the repair was done and paid for. The problem is now my landlord aparently doesn't know how to read, yet he signed the paper , he took it to someone who knows how to read and now he is mad because he says I took advantage of him. I don't understand what he wants, keep charging me for the same job over and over?.

Anyways, I have to have the whole cheking the apartment to see about repairs and stuff, the apartment is exactly the way he gave it to me, I didn't even hang any pictures or put holes on the wall, the only thing that is not working anymore is the cheap blinds he put on the windows, after a year some of the blinds are missing and there is one that doesn't work anymore but that's all. I need some advice on how to manage this, if he tries to take my money what am I supossed to say or do, etc. Any advice will be appreciated. Oh and what do I do if he tries to give me a bad reference ?
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Postby TenantNet » Sun Jan 28, 2007 7:46 pm

Why did you pay for a repair? That is what you pay rent for. It's the LLs obligation to make (and pay for) repairs that are not due to negligence.
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Postby thereasonimmad » Sun Jan 28, 2007 8:03 pm

Yeah, I tried to post my reply to you in the other discussion but it didn't work out. I paid for the repair because my lease says I am liable for this kind of accidents, it was an accident I didn't start but there is no way for me to prove it wasn't negligence, pretty much involved the weather and my front porch. Anyways, I paid for the repair, the landlord wanted to do it himself so I made him sign a receipt where I stated this problem is solved and my part is fullfiled, I paid, he repaired and I am not liable for any other repairs involving the same thing, I'm not paying for this twice!!!the landlord decided to do it himself and I don't want him to think I will pay again for this

Anyways, the landlord signed the paper but he can't read!!! and now he is confronting me about the fact that I "tricked" him into signing, I didn't know he didn't know how to read and that is not my problem you are not supposed to sign anything without understanding it first! how is that my fault!!!??? but anyways, I am just worried about the walkthrough and charges the LL might try to pin on me since he is just pissed off, I am also worried about him trying to badmouth me with other people. Pretty much what doesn't work is the blinds, the white kind of cheap ones?, I'm sure you all know what I am talking about.

If he tries to invent extra charges how am I supposed to say or react should I tell him I will sue him?, this is my first time renting in California and that is why I am a little freaked out.
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