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tenant vs landlord over electrical repairs in home

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tenant vs landlord over electrical repairs in home

Postby dbenton123 » Mon Mar 05, 2007 6:25 pm

i live in a house where the light bill is running me 424.00 dollars a month, in the state of florida the size house i live in the bill shouldn't be that much. i talk to my landlord to tell him the the power authority said that the house wasn't intalated right and he never address the problem. another month has passed and the bill it still going up. i asked him if he could either fix the problem or deducted some of the rent or help pay the bill he said he has to think about it. and while he's thinking about it i am still paying all this money out to keep my lights on. the house is about 1000sqfeet or less. is there anything legally that i can do.
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Postby thereasonimmad » Wed Mar 07, 2007 6:19 pm

You are probably gonna have to sue him, I recommend you start gathering information, taking pics or video of that thing the power company comes and checks every month, I don't know what the name is but it has like a plate that spins, make copies of your bills and talk to the power company again. Make sure you document when and how you let your landlord know about the problem, when and how you talked to the power company, I would also recommend mailing a letter to your landlord , pay extra so they have to collect his signature, just to make sure it is documented that you talked to him about this and he knows he has to pay for this. 1000 sq feet is really a little bigger than the apartment I am living in CALIFORNIA where power is incredible expensive and we don't pay more than 100 dlls a month running the AC for hours a day, so yeah, it does sound outrageous.

There are places in some states where you can go and get some professional advice for landlord -tenant problems for free. I recommend you to find out if there are some in Florida and contact them with your problem.
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