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In need of fast advice......sorry so long......

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In need of fast advice......sorry so long......

Postby Trying2 » Wed May 09, 2007 3:16 pm

I am experiencing a problem with a landlord and need advice.

My landlord has never given me an address to send payment to. The landlord
asked to leave money on the door and he would just pick it up. After the landlord
lost a check, I objected to this. Also in part because the landlord was not timely in picking up the rent. Usually 2 weeks late.

After I asked for a name and address in a letter I sent to an address believed to be the landlords because he called on a number and I did a reverse search on it. I received a notice almost a month and a half later that I was late in rent and was given back 2 money orders. I had also asked for his address and his name printed out on paper so that I may receive assistance my (hours at work were cut). I had also been asking to get the lease signed and was met with I can't find it or I don't have time.

In the letter I was told in a nutshell that I was late on rent, no amount given. That I was going to be evicted. Again no address, also this letter was hand delivered. The landlord in this time DID NOT even try to pick up rent as he was supposed to. I had a social worker attempt to obtain the address and enough rent ready to go from several sources to pay ahead of what might be owed.

The attempt was met with resistance and but was assured that it was handled. With the socialworkers termination I was left in the dark. No notices from ANY ONE. I thought the situation had been taken care of.

Yesterday a forcible entry and detainer action was taped to the window. No 3 day notice, nothing. The complaint was filed by the landlords girlfriend. Inside it had a notice that I never received, Not even the wording of a 3 day notice and several miss spellings. I have missed the 28 day deadline because the papers were not posted by the bailiff on time, and I later found out the papers were mailed by the court to the mail box here that when I moved in I was implicitly told not to touch or I would be evicted because the landlords family and girlfriend receives mail there.

I need advice, and legal assistance. The landlord been driving bulldozers up and down the road constantly the past 2 weeks. I am trying to move just time is not on my side. If anyone can help please respond. No lawyer near me will touch the case because 2 weeks ago plants that look like Marijuana (which is why I am searching for a new place) were found growing beside the trailer next door, which is in bad condition and owned by the same landlord. I have not called law enforcement but as I said, no lawyer will touch it. Any kind of advice would be appreciated.

Yes, this is in Ohio. I guess I am really ticked that I have to miss a day of work to go and try to get a judge to take notice that there is no 3 day notice. That the money was in front of them all I needed was a piece of paper with the name and address and a statement that I rent from them and this would not be going on.

If I am out of here before the hearing I won't get evicted, right? But at the hearing do I ask for a second cause of action? or do I file a counter suit before then? There are other things that have happened. Like in order for us to have water he put an electric heater near the pump to keep it from freezing this past winter otherwise no water. The heater was plugged into my electrical outlet and guess who has the bills? The little housing around the pump is barely put together and the heater was place next to styrofoam. Hello! There is so much more. If the judge ignores the fact of no 3 day notice and still orders me out how do I appeal? and where? and how much $? Thanks!

I am getting ready for court on less than 7 day notice...Is there anything else I can take with me? Am I missing anything?

There is no 3 day notice and I know it should be dismissed because of this but I do not tust anyone.

I have copies of money orders made out to them that LL have not been cashed, letter coming from church that the funds are still there, trying to get a note from where my casemanager was from (she was terminated) that the LL were to be working with them, pictures of the heater being used on the pump, and pictures of the suspicious plants, proof that I get my mail at a different addtress and LL knew it. Proof that they get mail here, homemade porn pictures that were made by the LL son and who ever she is and his bonds that were out on him. I have notes after notes of the codes to throw out at if I have to defend my self. Proof that her name is not on the property just his. Proof of the note that they would not accept funds from churches or anyone on my behalf.

Am I missing anything? I still don't know where to file the appeal. If I understand correctly I am to file a notice of appeal to the same local court then go somewhere else to file the appeal?

Thanks to all who are reading my ramble....
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