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Is there a law?

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Is there a law?

Postby Trying2 » Fri May 18, 2007 5:37 pm

Ok, I posted about my predicament ealier.

I have been to court and of course lost. I asked for a stay and that was denied too. I filed a notice to appeal too.

What I am trying to find out right now is in Ohio....am I protected by any rights between the day of the hearing and the day I am ordered out.?

The hearing was on Thurs. Monday the GF was here and tried to remove some of the plastic carriers I placed on a private deck. She got caught. Then she was back again watching us. Then she drove by off and on. She banged on the door and was yelling.

The next day the same activity.

Weds had some strange man banging on the door and yelling.

The next day she spent driving by. That night she thought no one was here and was caught by my son taking pictures of things I had set out on the deck that we were taking to storage today.and some trashbags. Which are gone now.

He (LL) finally showed up to cut the grass and thats when it was learned that the strange man is a relative of his as the strange man was with the male LL and the kids that belong to the strange man called the male LL "grandpa"

My uneducated guess is he is the son and has come back here to live and that is why they wanted us out.

Today eveything so far is quiet. What I want to know is did my rights just go out the window?
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