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Please help, Landlord is trying to make us pay for her pool!

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Please help, Landlord is trying to make us pay for her pool!

Postby Aggravatedinflorida » Thu Aug 02, 2007 1:32 pm

:cry: Im am going absolutely insane. We live on Orange Park Florida. We rented a house where the pool didnt work when we moved in, so we paif the landlord $500.00 to fix the wires that were messed up. Well in our lease it reads:
Tenants are responsible for all maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades of pool. Tenant will be responsible for any problems including but not limited to repair of: liner, pump, electrical equipment, frame deck, and all other parts not mentioned above. Owner will not be held responsible for any damages that occur relating to the pool, electrical systems of the pool, or maintenance or upgrades of the pool, pool equipement, or pool deck. Owner will not be responsible for reimbursement of costs incurred due to pool maintenance, upgrades, or service. If upon inspection of the premises the pool is found to be in an unusable condition, the owner will require the pool be removed at the expense of the tenant. By signing this lease agreement the tenant acknowledges full responsibilty for the pool. pool deck and any equipment included. Tenant releases owner from any and all liabilities related to the pool, pool deck and any and all pool equipment.

Okay my problem is the pool worked for about 2 mths, and the pump is rusted to h*ll and back...She told us when we moved in that everything worked great other than the wires...she was going to tear this pool down because the wires were to expensive..so we sad if you keep it we'll pay for it..we have 4 kids so we thought it would be enjoyable for them. Our lease was up July 31, 2007.....she saying that she needs to have the pool ripped up and its going to cost over $1000.00 (this is an above ground pool 4ft x 24ft) nothing is wrong with this other than the pump...so I looked up the price of the pump and it cost 174.00 at the most...she says that its going to cost over $500.00 for a pump...My husband is getting angry so he says what about ALL of the repairs you've NEVER fixed...she NEVER fixed the first thing in our house, not the first one...and shes saying she can take every dime of our deposit to replace the carpet..nothing was wrong with the carpet other than the fraying at some edges around the whole house and thats where her carpet people did and awful job at installing...
Anyways my question is do you think that I can be held to this pool ior what...I talked to a lawyer and she said in the agreement that it states no where that I have to REPLACE the pump...it says repair, adn it cannot be repaired..its an old pump and amount of rust on it would actually show that...Ive taken over 80 pictures of the entire house..each thing with the dates on the pictures. Please someone help me, I have the lawyers opinion but would like a second opinion before I threaten anyone with legal action if she decides shes not going to pay us anything. thanks so much
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