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Eviction notice after truthful complaint

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Eviction notice after truthful complaint

Postby bgd73 » Tue Aug 14, 2007 8:54 am

I want to take my story to a place with real laws, my locale seems like one big slumlording gangsta- and seemingly gets away with it. Bangor brewer maine
quick chronology:
2004 rented a room, nearly killed me. Landlord had pussing ulcer type cyst hanging out of his belly- could not drink the water, he learned the hard way. Ended up decent, I did alot of work for him, I left finally for another place, and made his worth oh... 100k more than it wasn't just to save a few dollars. Being disabled myself (just a leg!) it was a bit of effort to do what I did out of sympathy. Reward? he gave me a junk car as he had no cash. I accepted.
next place 2005: A fruit loop elderly couple, old enough to have no ideas the fantasy they are renting is as old as the dirt road main street started off as. Mentally retarded. Place tried to kill me. I finally had nothing shy of a small mental break amongst myself, gave a notice, and they gave one in return as if to be evicting. The facts interrupted thier kingdom apparently- I left in a hurry.
2007 finally found another place meeting my disabled facts. Tattood indian with a weaze and a truck with loud exhausts chrome grill (ignorant in other words) is my first impression.3 bucks in gas around here is a ctastrophe. Not to the gangsta indian apparently.This was the landlord!? Place seemed good. Loud noise from drunk guys the attic, then attacked by bugs. As it turned out it my new place had genital crabs!
Having no sex life, I brought this problem out loud.I am protected by law apparently after a bit of searching. The tattood indian guy with "harly" as a license plate obviuosly has been on a looooong free ride determined by his attitude and places conditon. Scarface without the cocaine maybe. Maybe a few too many italian mob movies... ANYTHING BUT A MATURE law abiding landlord. Won't go into ethnic new england indian battle facts here mind you, I will get to the point... As well as mentioning there is someone living in the attic with a tiny entrance,one way in and one way out (ILLEGAL #2).Just this person walking, shakes 3 stories of what a white man must have hand sawed busted ass over to get the hardwood it is made out of. Of course the whity is broke here without the giant government funding, glad someone as noble as a gangsta indian stepped up to try and keep it going, like the indian casinos taking over bangor. Err hum, I was a carpenter for several years and know these buildings. I am the whity that would have built them back in thier day. I am almost tempted to announce my surname as if royalty.This attic design is non livable. I later learned the person stowing away up there is a publically registered sex offender in this nice neighborhood. Bordering rage without words, I went to the code enforcement office with a request to have it checked. 3 days later, I get an eviction notice. The landlord is as backwards as it gets in almost every way communicably, and he even got loud with me as if I am on the same wavelength. What is the first law to pursue in this nearly perfect backwards agreement?
harrassed, abused verbally, caught a bug, all while pursuing the law with no doubts, then threatened with an eviction, after a year lease making it seem stable here, to look at the for sale sign (he must have paid a realtor with my rent and deposit. )
I filled out a warranty of habitability form formally complaining.(maine chapter 14)
Cerifiably a slumlord, my worst story ever, aside from involuntary homelessness.Where I may be headed. Is there a possible discrimination suit due to the fact I am disabled?
Either way, advice or not. I want my story of the past 10 years of bangor brewer maine known loudly. I even wondered if the code enforcement accepts payoffs.
The place is 87 holyoke street BTW, it is for sale, in brewer maine, and it is one of very few spots not getting pulverized by the airport, trains, and non-emmission 130 decibal tractor trailers. If I wre on a different wavelength of life, I'd grab at this place and be normal with it. But no, I am a disabled veteran treated like an illegal alien ion my own country beat up by idiots raping it.
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