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Washer/Dryer in Apartment

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Washer/Dryer in Apartment

Postby BlueEyes8724 » Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:28 am

Hello, I rent a basement apartment, when I rented it it was advertised to have a washer and dryer, it turned out to be a washer/dryer combo, which I was ok with because a co worker of mine had one and she was satisfied so any concerns I had were allayed. The machine did not work the first couple of weeks, after I got the repair guys out it started to work, the machine was a NIGHTMARE, it never worked well for me (it took four hours to do ONE LOAD of laundry).

Earlier this year the power plug stopped working and I had to pull it out and it sat in the middle of my kitchen, it became such a headache that I now go to my parents house to do my laundry every week and the laundromat to do bigger things. My landlord recently has been doing renovations on his house and casually mentioned that he might replace the washer/dryer combo with the stackable unit in his place (they were replacing theirs). I just found out that he sold it to someone else and I will not be getting a workable washer/dryer.

My question is when I rented the unit I rented it because it had a washer/dryer in the apartment, right now there is one but it does not work well. If I had known that there had not been a washer/dryer I would have never rented the place. Does my landlord have a obligation to replace the washer and dryer or am I SOL? Alternately, do I have a case to ask for a rent reduction based on the fact that an amenity that I believed I would have is no longer workable? It is costing me between $50 and $100 a month to do my laundry elsewhere. I don't believe that the lease mentions anything specific about a washer/dryer (its the standard DC lease) but doesn't it stand that if you advertise an apartment to have a washer/dryer and it does not work, I think that the landlord has a responsibility to correct the situation.

Also, recommendations on how to approach this would be appreciated.
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