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Ex-roommate takes us through the ringer!-in Washington

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Ex-roommate takes us through the ringer!-in Washington

Postby kayro » Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:23 am


Back in March my boyfriend, his brother, my boyfriend's close friend, his fiance and myself all decided to move into a three bedroom apartment(probably not the smartest choice but we all wanted to get out on our own.) When we signed the lease, the leasing agent wanted to make it clear that we all understood the idea that, "The only way you can get signed off the agreement is if everyone signed" telling us that if we break up we are still obligated to the apartment complex.

A few months go by and all is well; or so we thought. In May, my boyfriend's friend and his fiance broke up suddenly (we find out later that she had been cheating on him because the idea of him being stop-lost to Iraq was too overwhelming [Cha right.] and she just wasn't happy anymore.) and that she was moving out. She remained having possessions in the apartment, she still had a key, and mail was still being sent to our apartment for her.

(Just a side note...When she originally found out that he was being stop-lost she made arrangements that she would remain living in the room and that in July when he left that she would have a friend move in, and that her fiance would remain paying their share of the rent.)

By June she had removed most of her things, but left her unwanted dishes and a few lamps and what not in the apartment, all of which we told her we didn't want, and she still kept her mailbox key and her apartment key.

We figured we would let her move back in on her own terms, but when July 1st came around she was no where to be found. We let a few weeks go by before we texted her, reminding her very nicely that the room was open for her to move into, and that her things that were left were already in the room. She texted back that she wasn't moving the "f***" back in here because she didn't want to and said it smelled of urine from our dog and that she wanted to be signed off our lease.
**Mind you, she helped us pick out our dog, and we get our carpets cleaned professionally every two weeks because we are just overly clean people.

When August 1st came around we called her trying to -talk- to her about the situation. We told her that we wanted to work with her, and that once she paid us for the rent we would sign her off the lease. We even gave her a few options, all of which we had told her before back in July.
A. She can pay us in full for August-November when our lease is up. We would sign her off the lease once we received the money on the spot.
B. She can pay us every month, just for rent no utilities and at the end of our lease agreement she would sign herself off with the rest of us.
C. She could move back in, paying rent, utilities, and cable. She would be signed off at the end.
D. She could find someone to replace her, but that she still had to pay until she found someone. But she wouldn't be signed off until the end of our lease.
or E. We would take her to court.

Throughout this month of August we have texted her once every week just trying to have her even talk to us about it. We all understand how hard it can be but she really threw us in a crappy situation.

She still has keys, mail being sent here, and things in the apartment. The room is empty and could have things moved in today.

Any advice? If we took her to court would we win or would we be wasting more money taking the day off?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

-Angry Angry Angry in Washington
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