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Postby jdmfastdc2 » Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:56 pm

i live in grand rapids michigan and moved into an older home that is split into four apartments. my gf and i live sandwiched with one below and one up. We just got new neighbors above. We never heard our old neighbor or her two little daughters even take one foot step for over six months. Heres a little timeline of what we have endured after the new couple and there little son moved in. keep in mind, they both work third shift and are awake all hours of the night, every night.

about a week after they moved in: they woke us up screaming at each other at about two am, and they kept us up all night. At about 7 am someone called the police and the guy was arrested.

since then we have had one night when they played their radio so loud our fan shook and fell over. i called our landlord and made sure to let him know that they were right above our bedroom and the noise travels right down, and for them to atleast try and do whatever they do in a different room, not above where we sleep. he said hed talk with them.

two night later they were partying on OUR porch, right outside our windows, screaming, yelling, they had friends out there, and i was tempted to go outside but it was a large group of guys that appeared to be "rough" so i stayed in. I called the landlord the next day. he said he would talk to them.

Since then we are woken up about 5 or 6 nights a week by there son running around all through the night, and what seems like jumping up and down in the room directly above our bedroom. I called our Landlord again, and let him know, i dont expect a little kid not to play or whatever, but for them to please not let him run around right above our room (even though we can hear it wherever he is) i was just trying to work with them. The landlord said hed talk to them.

finally just last week i was awoken by surround sound, directly above our room again. So loud i could even tell what movie they were watching. I banged on the ceiling with a broom, and the neighbor upstairs had the nerve to come down and bang on our door at 1am, basically to tell us we were overreacting. Well, i am a rather large guy and when im angry, not a good thing to do. i opened the door and unleashed the craziest rant on someone i ever have. he appeared to be on the verge of tears. He apologized and said he wouldnt make noise anymore. Well, it has stopped but the problem is... they still work third shift, and even when they are walking around normally, they are extremely heavy walkers and it wakes me up. i cant sleep, and even when they are loud, I have so much anxiety when i go to bed now, i cant sleep anway. I dont know what to do. I need out, i work 12 hour days and have anxiety as it is. And when i get to sleep, even if they get up to go to the fridge, it wakes us up. I cant ask them not to walk around.... what do i do!?
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Postby Emeraldstar » Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:34 pm

Hi All
Aside from moving, see if the landlord would allow you to install sound profing material at least in the bed room. Search on line for options on the materials and show it to the LL.
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Postby JohnMI » Tue Dec 16, 2008 12:12 pm

Indeed -- you don't have many options here really. You live in an apartment with neighbors above and below you -- you're going to have noise.

For the big parties and such at 2am, your best bet is to call the police to complain. Really, your LL isn't going to be able to "fix" them. He can talk to them, but it clearly isn't helping. This is a dispute between two neighbors -- and your LL can't resolve that.

For stuff that is below "disturbing the peace" levels, there really isn't much you can do here. If your LL will let you pay for some sound-proofing, then great (although I'm not sure it will be enough). Other than that, moving may be your only option.

- John...
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