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Crazy Landlady woes

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Crazy Landlady woes

Postby Kickwhit » Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:33 pm

I have a BIIIIG problem. I have just moved into an apartment in Pittsfield MA. I am a college student, and this is pretty much my first apt out of state. I first met my landlady several weeks before I moved in, giving her 675 in rent. My first day here, she said I would have to pay for electric and gas, and last months rent. K. Fine. But there goes all my money and classes start in a week. I figure I'm just cutting it close to the chest. Nope. This ladies a genuine psycotic. In the week I've lived here, there has been no hot water, no lock on the front door (I'm not allowed to install one), the furnace isn't even hooked up or inspected, (yes, it is freezing) I have come home to find her snooping around twice, there are roaches and mice, she is very rude and disrespectful, and the other night, I had some friends over, and she called the police on them because she, and I quote "didn't know who's car that was in the driveway". I desperatly need to find a new place, but I'm afraid she will keep both months rent for a week of tenantship. Anyone know anything I could do?
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