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Should I force LL to proceed with holdover proceeding

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Should I force LL to proceed with holdover proceeding

Postby beachgrrl2009 » Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:24 pm

Hi! I live in a complex in suffolk county. Cute apt...1,000 sq ft for $1600 + utilities. When I first moved in the neighbor next to me had a dog that would bark incessently. I complained a couple of times and nothing happened. The manager told me basically it was my problem. I finally saw the tenant and after arguing with her the barking semi stopped. A couple of months later part of the closet rod fell on me. This happened twice. They did fix it and the dr said I had no injuries. Then I had a leaking faucet in tbe kitchen and bathroom. It took 3 weeks for them to fix it and now I have a brown stain and moldy smell under my sink. Finally when I went to renew my lease they refused to show me an upgraded apt. I argued with them asking why they were allowing one of my friends to get into a new apt but they wouldn't even show me one. They had no answer. Then I received a letter saying they would not renew my lease. I have excellent credit and work as an elementary school teacher for the past 10 years. What should I do? I researched about holdover proceedings but am not sure if I would win in a court of law because my apt is not rent stabilized. I also can't afford to have my credit tarnished. Advice? Should I stay and take my chances? I am a good tenant never paid late just always arguing with the management.
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