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Guarantor need to know about roommate?

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Guarantor need to know about roommate?

Postby sunnyXD » Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:01 pm

Hello! Im renting this apartment with my father as the guarantor. He gives me a certain amount of money each month, as Im a broke student. I was wondering, if i had someone move in with me and have them pay half the rent would he need to know? Im hope for a no, as if he does then he'll reduce the amount of money given to just enough to cover my half the rent, and id really prefer to keep the extra cash to pay for some other expenses. So if any one knows, please help! Id ask the landlord, but their office is closed until monday.......so please answer if you can! thank you! :D
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Postby TenantNet » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:24 pm

This is not a landlord-tenant issue. If you want to lie to your father, that's between you and him.
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Postby ronin » Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:55 am

Well gee whiz Tenant.

If his dad catches him profiteering by having a roommate, and then cuts the kid off it will very quickly become a L&T issue.... So it's kinda related....

Actually, I think you want ethical or moral advice. Try the NYTimes Ethicist or one of the Dear Abby types. The Ethicist will tell you that it is unethical for you to rent out to a roommate and not tell your dad. Others not so sure.

The reasoning is that your actions are based on deceit. In addition, as your guarantor, your father will be liable for rent due if you move out and your roommate refuses to leave or pay rent.

On the other hand, the space is undeniably your space to use. By sacrificing your privacy and the luxury of extra space, you are entitled to some extra monetary compensation.

My personal feeling is that you should ask your father if it was ok if you got a roommate and kept the rent money. One really good reason to do this is in case the roommate just simply refuses to pay his half of the rent (or has 12 of his frat buddies move in with him). If you keep your dad in the dark you will suffer not being able to call on him for help with the bad roommate situation.

Good luck.
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