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Building being renovated, causing problems for tenents

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Building being renovated, causing problems for tenents

Postby cerpintaxt » Mon Sep 25, 2006 2:34 am

I just moved into an apartment, taking over someone else's lease. The building is a 4 story walk-up, and currently one of the floors is being renovated.

The problem has been that the worker's have been very hazardous in their work. They throw garbage into our yard (we live on the bottom floor) and broken glass. Often they put their trash illegally in our front gate area and it is in the way of the front door.

Another annoyance is that the workers need to get into the basement, which they are supposed to have a key too, but sometimes they will knock on our windows very early to wake us up because they don't have the key. That is not our responsibility.

Speaking of early, this very morning at 7:30 AM (Sunday) we were greeted to a thunderous banging as the workers used heavy equipment right outside our windows and the basement.

I'm pretty sure the workers are illegally here, because there is no permit posted or record at the NYC buildings website. One of the residents has told me she complained (the workers cut out her power for over 24 hours by accident) and got her rent reduced.

I'm not looking for a rent reduction. I just don't think it's fair to have the loud noise, especially on Sunday's so early (they were only here for 2 hours, couldn't they have come later?) and the whole broken glass in our yard is dangerous. What rights do I fall under and what should I say to the landlord? I don't want to start out on a bad note, but this is just not acceptable.
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Postby Landlord's Boy » Mon Sep 25, 2006 4:23 pm

I don't know how other LLs feel, but I draw the line at broken glass scattered on floors or yards. I usually intervene to stop work until groundsheets and tarps have been laid down.

Any items which block emergency egress are a big no-no..
Always Report Leaks Immediately!
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Postby dirae » Mon Sep 25, 2006 4:56 pm

Construction without a DOB permit is illegal. Call 311 as soon as they start and report it. They are also required to have a special permit to work after hours, which includes working on Saturday & Sunday. The accumulation and improper disposal of garbage is also a violation and the glass is a hazard.

Take pictures (preferably timed/dated) and keep a log of every time electricity or water is off, they knock on your door for access, etc. Keep calling 311 until an inspector comes out. These guys sound like they don't know or care about what kind of job they're doing. It doesn't sound like they know a lot about electricty, either, which is a scary thought in itself
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