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DOB, HPD and ECB building violations

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DOB, HPD and ECB building violations

Postby TenantNet » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:18 am

Thanks to architect John Shuttleworth for the information contained in this post and the attached PDF:

Here are a series of excerpts from the DOB and HPD web sites which cover the violations issued by these agencies. I hope the differences are clear. In summary:

ECB Violations

Class 1: Immediately Hazardous. If the violation is not repaired in 2 weeks +/- (with appropriate permits) a second violation can be issued before the court date comes around.

Class 2: Hazardous. Infraction not immediately dangerous to life or health. If not repaired by the court date unmitigated fines will be imposed

Class 3: Non-hazardous. Administrative infraction and can be bartered around.

DOB Violations

The violations attached must be addressed or fines will escalate. DOB can issue fines concerning the Housing Maintenance Code or the Multiple Dwelling Law in addition to lesser building code violations. Generally they do not carry a penalty and just sit there until the estimated amount reaches a critical limit. Then they put a lien on the building until everything is paid.

HPD Violations

Class A - Non hazardous. Equates with class 3

Class B - Hazardous. Equates with Class 2

Class C - Immediately Hazardous. Does not quite equate with Class 1 DOB violations because HPD enforces the MDL (MDW) and HMC. Technically HPD is not supposed to address Building Code or Fire Laws; but to call the appropriate agency.

Historically, HPD violations, an fines, are not pursued. They just sit there until such time as convenient for draconian measures to be applied.

See the attached pages from the DOB and HPD websites
DOB ECB HPD Violation Classifications 070418.pdf
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