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DHCR service modifications

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:07 am
by TenantNet
Here, we are focusing on intercom service reductions (and replacement by smartphone apps), but this list is not exclusive to intercom. The underlying criteria extends to many types of service reductions. Other instance might be substitution of electric stoves (at much higher electric rates) for gas stoves. Owners must file an Owner Decrease ("OD") application with DHCR in such instances. Depending on the situation, DHCR might award a one-time permanent decrease in rent in compensation for the loss of service.

1. DHCR Docket No. GV-430003-B, 150 West 84th St.
GV-430003-B -- 150 West 84th St 150dpi.pdf
(2.08 MiB) Downloaded 1976 times

2. DHCR Docket No. YD-430079-RT, 230 West 97th St.

3. DHCR Docket No. BS-410026-RO, Wash-Jeff Hotel

4. DHCR Docket No. CU-930005-RO, GEM Management
CU930005RO Gem Management Partners.pdf
(183.57 KiB) Downloaded 1934 times

5. DHCR Docket No. XK110024OD, MyDAC Realty
XK110024OD MyDAC Realty.pdf
(89.1 KiB) Downloaded 1948 times

6. DHCR rubber-stamps owner's bogus claims in Electric for Gas switch. DHCR Docket No. WB410019RO, 370 E. 69th St.

7. DHCR Docket No. EU410013RO
EU410013RO -- EO410023B and FQ430002OR .pdf
(37.62 KiB) Downloaded 1940 times

8. NYC Civil Court, HP Action 1595/13; Carter v. Morningside
Carter v Morningside -- Civil Ct intercom HP1595-13.pdf
(144.64 KiB) Downloaded 1929 times

9. DHCR Docket No. YK420003OD - Samson Mgmnt 142 E 49th St
YK420003OD Samson Mgmnt 142 E 49th St.pdf
(155.58 KiB) Downloaded 1952 times

10. DHCR Docket No. CV610003RO - E&M Bronx Assoc. - 825 Morrison Ave.

Still more to come; additional decisions have been requested from DHCR.

Re: DHCR service modifications

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:07 pm
by TenantNet
More cases. DHCR finally - after a few months - sent the requested cases.

1. DHCR Docket No. CV610003RO, E&M Bronx Associates.
(281.28 KiB) Downloaded 1844 times

2. DHCR Docket No. DO210017RO, GLS 8630 LLC.
(201.82 KiB) Downloaded 1845 times

3. DHCR Docket No. DT630042RO, Electro Councourse Assoc.
(159.12 KiB) Downloaded 1828 times

4. DHCR Docket No. EV410008RO, 175 West 95th Owner, LLC.
(312.9 KiB) Downloaded 1838 times

5. DHCR Docket No. FP430032RO and FO430053RO, 561 Lenox Avenue, LLC.
FP430032RO - FO430053RO.pdf
(158 KiB) Downloaded 1849 times

6. DHCR Docket No. GP410010RO, CF E 86 LLC, et al.
(202.51 KiB) Downloaded 1821 times

7. DHCR Docket No. PJ430053RT, Helene Zarember.
(188.21 KiB) Downloaded 1822 times

8. DHCR Docket No. UE410036RT, Barbara Tramutolo.
(95.16 KiB) Downloaded 1819 times