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A "basic repertoire" of controlling case law

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READ FIRST: Cases Forum notes

Postby TenantNet » Fri Jun 30, 2006 7:51 am

This area is for seminal and controlling case law. It is not for common and typical cases from Housing Court. As such, most included cases will be from the Appellate courts. Related matters should be in the same thread. Long cases may be spread over several posts due to computer limitations.

Some case law may be moot, in whole or in part, due to subsequent changes in the rent laws.

Some cases may highlight the difference in interpretation and application between and among the various New York State Appellate Divisions.

Some cases may be included not because of their controlling nature, but from their recitation of history, overview of the issue, or their ability to reduce complex topics to an understandable nature for the lay person.

We understand that every case may be very important to the litigants and tenants involved. However, this area is for important and controlling matters. In essence, it's an attempt to create a "basic repertoire" of landlord/tenant case law.

If there is a question, please email us -- along with a copy of the text of the case -- at "tenant -at- tenant.net" We would prefer a decision to be in text format, but an Acrobat PDF file is also acceptable. If possible, indicate the attorney(s) on both sides, whether or not you were a party and contact information (email and tel. number).

We may rely on opinions of tenant attorneys and others as to whether any particular matter has seminal value.
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