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Does rent increase in 80/20 later if inheritance comes in ?

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Does rent increase in 80/20 later if inheritance comes in ?

Postby Blakely » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:44 am

If one has been living in an 80/20 Affordable Housing apartment and then after a few years you get an inheritance can it affect your rent?

If you have inherit money and you put it in the bank it can generate interest income.
Can the landlord raise your rent? If so would it be limited to say a 10% increase?

A website says this:

Everything You Need to Know About Affordable Housing: Applying, Getting In, and Staying Put
WED, AUGUST 19, 2015

HPD says, “A surcharge will be added to your monthly rent/carrying charge if your adjusted household income from the prior calendar year exceeds the maximum income limit. Every year Mitchell-Lama tenants are required to complete an income affidavit. This form allows your housing company to calculate your adjusted household income and the amount of a surcharge you may have to pay.”

The Metropolitan Council on Urban Housing notes that for new affordable housing construction, “Once a household rents an apartment, the income eligibility requirements are no longer the basis of the rent (even though the households are required to recertify their incomes each year.) Rents do not go up or down in proportion to the tenant’s income (as with public housing or Section 8 ) instead, the units are typically subject to rent-stabilization, and the rent increases follow the same guidelines as other rent-stabilized apartments.”

I'm looking at the two statements and I get the second one that after one gets in income is no longer a factor regardless of if it goes up. That has always been my understanding but I need to be sure.

The first one I don't quite get about the surcharge based on the prior year.
What prior year are they talking about? Are they talking about the prior year to when you first applied and got into the program?

Anyway if one gets an inheritance, if your protected from increases now is there that they could change the laws about income increase affecting your rent? I though I read somewhere they are talking about this.

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