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Stuck between a bathroom leak and a hard place

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Re: Stuck between a bathroom leak and a hard place

Postby TenantNet » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:30 pm

LLs do not have to "ask" for rent. They do have to serve you a "3-day Notice" before starting a case in Housing Court.

As I said, I haven't re-read everything, but your PM jogged my memory a little, re your attorney and address.

Why wait on filing a HP case? Get the repairs done. That is independent from seeking RS status or rent. What does the atty say about that?

LLs can add "improvements" to units at any time. It's often replacement appliances that have worn out. But tenants in occupancy do not have to pay for the improvements unless they consent (which no one should do). LLs can also install IAI's between tenancies and jump the rent.

Tenants should not demand new appliances (at which time I think LLs can apply the increase in rent), but should demand a "working" replacement. A while back my LL replaced the 30-year stove that had worn out. It was a refurbished model, almost as nice as a new one.

If they take you to court, they have to identify who is the LL. Look at the online HPD registration. https://hpdonline.hpdnyc.org/HPDonline/ ... dress.aspx

I'll put that in a PM. On illegal evictions, read the thread. Local precincts will play dumb, or worse take the LL side. They might also claim it's a "civil issue" which is not true.
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