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Early Morning Noise

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Early Morning Noise

Postby ulle trautvag » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:53 pm

My relatively new next-door tenants (5 years) use a high-frequency blender or Nutribullet at about7am almost every morning. Their kitchen is adjacent to my bedroom and the noise always wakes me up. Their apt was renovated, without any permits, about 12 years ago and might be the reason that noise travels to my apt.
I have written them notes re: NYC noise laws, have spoken to them, e-mailed the Managing Agent, followed up with phone calls, called 311 (to no avail) but they do not listen.
I keep a daily record of these problems.

They also provide shelter to "guests" who appear with luggage, almost at least once a week, although b&b is not allowed in this building.

Any advice would be appreciated by this sleepless tenant who has lived
in this building since 1971
ulle trautvag
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Re: Early Morning Noise

Postby TenantNet » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:08 pm

I understand how annoying certain noise issues are to tenants. I have experienced noise issues as well.

But as you describe it, this does not sound [sic] like a major problem, because of the time being 7 AM. That means you have probably gotten about 6-7 hours of sleep already. It's not like the noise kept you up all night.

Also, a blender or Nutribullet (those things advertised on TV) will probably be on less than 60 seconds.

Yes, I understand it's very annoying, but it's not like someone banging on your walls at 2 AM, or playing music at very loud levels at 4 AM. People are getting up around 7 AM and many/most are probably fixing breakfast.

As for the guests, tenants are allowed to have legitimate guests, if that is what they are.

If they are paying guests, then chances are that is illegal if they stay less than 30 days and if the prime tenant does not stay there. If the tenant is there, then it's legal.

This sounds like an AirBNB situation. I'd check around the AirBNB website to see if your neighbor is advertising. If so, you can report it to the landlord, however we think it's better to ask the tenant to stop it so they won't get evicted.
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