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Con Edison balance owed after account holder passed on.

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Con Edison balance owed after account holder passed on.

Postby Butyouahoe » Sat May 19, 2018 1:55 pm

First time posting and generally new to everything but can’t seem to find an answer with a general google search.

Recently, me and my brother lost our mother to illness and are fighting to keep her apartment ala secession rights because we were her home health aids. I regularly payed her monthly utilities because her monthly check doesn’t cover anything but the rent and she had a home oxygen concentrator that kept the bill exorbant. Long story short, it got ahead of us because of estimated bills being low and then being hit with a two month adjustment later on. Now that she’s passed away, the balance that already exists is too much to handle. I’m wondering if since the account was solely under her name, can con ed wipe that debt clean? I’m willing to pay for whatever we use now including this month but it’ll be difficult to cover all that back log. Any help it greatly appreciated.

If I didn’t clarify something well enough, I’ll be sure to after responses.
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Re: Con Edison balance owed after account holder passed on.

Postby TenantNet » Sat May 19, 2018 2:19 pm

I moved this thread to the rent stabilized section. You wouldn't have succession rights if the unit wasn't RS. If this isn't correct, please tell us.

Succession can be complicated, and relies if you or your brother actually lived with your mother, not so much who paid the bills. I would first review the DHCR Fact Sheet on Succession at http://www.nyshcr.org/Rent/FactSheets/orafac30.pdf

I would also consult with a tenant attorney who has experience with succession. The LL can put up roadblocks and you will want to have navigated the process in the right way. Otherwise it can be hell if the LL wants you out.

Two month adjustment .... balance that already exists??? Of what? You could mean rent, but you don't say and we can't read your mind, and then you imply it's Con Ed arrears. You have to be precise.

If the "adjustment" is for rent, then what is the adjustment for?

If for Con Ed, I think they are usually willing to set up a payment plan, although I do not know if they are willing to erase the debt completely, and I can't say if the debt is legally yours or not. The debt is probably that of your mother's estate, and that could depend if the estate has gone through probate, and if executors have been appointed. That can get complicated and you should probably consult an estate attorney.

You might get more information at the Utility Project - http://utilityproject.org/
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