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Steam Emergency

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Re: Steam Emergency

Postby Cazmia » Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:02 am

Thank you.

No, they were not trying to claim the video was the tenant in court's Apt. The tenant had no heat/hot water as one of his defenses for not paying rent. There was heat, but the boiler had to be turned down until the repairs to the apt that they took video at were repaired.

We kind of feel that the steam emergency was "manufactured" purposely by the landlord, because he has been trying to force his way into this Tenant's Apt for a while.

Anyhow, they were there to make repairs, the tenant allowed access (so I don't see how you can put any blame on him for lowered heat) and said plumbers threw his belongings around, probably waited for the tenant to use the restroom or something, and whipped out their cameras during the short time the tenant left them alone.

So, this morning we called the tenant who was at trial. I let him know the call was being recorded (on phone conscent). I confirmed with the tenant that video/ and or photos of another Tenant's unit were being shown to him and other parties at his court appearance.
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