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Landlord retaliatory eviction against Tenants

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Landlord retaliatory eviction against Tenants

Postby brooklynstabilized » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:08 am

Hi Guys,

I’ve posted on here a number of times about my Landlords. They’ve been harassing us, and the other Tenants in our Tenant Association since we formed, and filed complaints to HPD to get repairs done in our apartments. First they sent me and my Mom a 10 day notice to cure with nothing but lies acting as if we’re all of a sudden the worst tenants in the building even though my Moms been living there 45 years, and I’ve lived there all 39 years of my life with no complaints from the previous landlord (His Father), or any other Tenants. Our Tenant Association attorney who is basically just “advising” us told us not to reply since what their lawyer wrote was not true. Then on February 14th the Landlord instructed an HPD issued Fireguard to call the FDNY on us saying we’re smoking. The FDNY came to our house at almost 11:00 pm and of course didn’t find any smoke conditions or even any cigarette smoke. My Mom stopped smoking a long time ago when she was diagnosed with COPD, which theyr’e well aware of. They’re trying to claim we’re a nuisance , and that cigarette smoke is going up into their apartment. The also claimed our apartment is cluttered aka “Colyers” situation which is ridiculous. They used this and the FDNY call to send a 10 day eviction notice from their lawyer. I have the Landlords wife on video running outside to get the HPD fireguard to instruct him to come inside to call the FDNY on us. He’s one of the fireguards that has befriended the Landlords and he wasn’t even in the building where he was supposed to be. I even have the audio of him calling the FDNY. I requested a report from the FDNY as evidence there was no smoke or cigarette smoke. I also have video cameras in my living room showing that we don’t smoke and showing the Firefighters entering my apartment telling us they got a call about a smoke condition.

They’re also attempting to evict another Tenant Association member claiming they want her apartment for “private use”. Mind you this is an 8 family building, not some small building. They’ve also been harassing another Tenant Association member recently as well. The guy is quiet, and never causes any issues with anyone, and he had family over yesterday and the Landlords wife, who is the architect of the harassment actually knocked on his door at 6pm saying her Mother (who’s visiting and doesn’t even live here) doesn’t feel well and they need to keep it down or she’s going to call the police. They said go ahead and call the police we’re not making noise. Turns out she did call the police but they showed up hours later which I have video and audio of from my security camera. This is a rent stabilized building, and we’re all rent stabilized tenants who pay very low rent for the area we live in. They’re obviously trying to slander us to evict us all because of this, and because we’ve made complaints to DOB and HPD. Our Tenant Association attorney really doesn’t do anything other than advise so there are no real repercussions against the Landlord which is why they’re so comfortable harassing us. Do we have any real options on getting them to stop? Should we all hire an attorney to sue them? What options do we have to fight against these Landlords? Please advise. Thanks.
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Re: Landlord retaliatory eviction against Tenants

Postby TenantNet » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:33 am

BKS, you said you've posted before on your LL harassment. So please continue on one of those threads so we can get some context of the issue(s). A new thread is not really needed. Please don't cover things already discussed.

Please break your post up into more paragraphs. Long paragraphs are very difficult to read.

In general, focus on the main issue and not extraneous things. For example (not necessarily you - I raise this for readers), some tenants might complain about not getting a lease, and then toss in the mice or roaches in the unit. The two have nothing to do with each other.
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