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subletters and landlord dilemma

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subletters and landlord dilemma

Postby subletissues » Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:19 am

i began to sublet my apartment in may to a couple who hoped to take over the lease ending in december. i did so with permission from my landlord that was stated in an email. my lease says if written permission is obtained subletting is permissible. i did not get a signed agreement with the subletters.

the management company is based in another state and they often let checks sit for weeks before cashing them. the subletters paid with certified checks and when management didn't cash them within 30 days the money returned to their accounts. then, for reasons that are beyond comprehension, the subletters spent the money that should have gone to rent. they are negligent.

i was made aware of this in august after three months rent was missing. the landlord initiated legal action against the original leaseholders (me and my roommate) at that time. the subletters have been paying back rent and lease application fees to transfer the lease. the landlord "loses" applications/checks/information regularly and we must check to confirm the checks have cleared. at times we've had to argue about this.

we received a nonpayment petition with threat of eviction. one of the subletters is named along with original leaseholders. the subletters dispute the amount that is owed--saying it is much less than the amount stated on the petition. when i called the landlord's lawyer i was told he was in court and i'd need to get any figures from the management company. the management company insists on pursuing legal action until the debt is paid.

i've been advised to answer the petition, initiate a small claims court case against the subletters, document all payment, and show up at housing court prepared to settle.

-if the subletters turn out to be lying can i get them evicted?
-what can i do about the landlord's accounting shenanigans? is there a way to address this that doesn't get me blacklisted?
-am i already blacklisted because of this case or does the outcome determine blacklisting?
-are there options i'm missing?
-how can i require the landlord to communicate through their lawyer?
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