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$900 of Utility Charge During 2 months for less than 800 SF

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$900 of Utility Charge During 2 months for less than 800 SF

Postby dongwookey » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:30 pm

Hi. I am a tenant living in 2 bedroom apartment in a builing containing 6 legal units.

Until Oct. 2009, I was living in 3rd floor for $1,700 including all of the utilities, but as the landlord requested, on Nov. 1, 2009, we moved to 2nd floor for $1,500 without utilities, and the landlord did tell us anything about the history of utility charge in the subject unit.

After we lived in 2nd floor, we received utility bill for over $900 during 2 months period ending 01/07/10, and it seems too much for less than 800 sf of the apartment, and as the landlord didn't even informed us about the history of utility bills, we didn't expect this much of utility charge. we contacted the landlord about it, but there is no solution until now.

We have 2 kids (2 years & 4 years old), and this apartment seems not having any insulation system. we have to cover even electric power consent on the wall (too much wind coming in from there). We even requested con edison for the inspection to find out the actual problem of such a high utility bill beside of insulation issue, and we are waiting for it.

Please help us for this issue. We don't know what we supposed to do.

Thank you very much.
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Postby TenantNet » Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:34 am

First, have you looked to see if you should be rent stabilized?

And what is the history with the heat and hot water? Did the building at one time have central hear and did the landlord convert it to where each unit has it's own electrical heater? What provided heat/hot water in your old unit?

Do you have access to the meter? If not, why not?

And what appliances are you running? You should create a list of what and for how ling you are running anything that runs power.
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Postby delena76 » Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:18 pm

I live in a 800 sq ft 2 bed, 2 bath apartment with two balconies (insulation is horrible) and the most my heat/hot water bill (National Grid) came to was $193 in December. My electric (Con Ed) is roughly $60/month. I would call your utility company ASAP and have them come out to do an inspection. I have to reschedule an appointment myself - they explained that they check the meter (even though it was on the outside of the bldg, they needed access to the basement which I wasn't able to give them) and they also wanted to check my appliances (I already know they are older than Jesus).

The amount of money you are paying for the same square footage as my apartment is outrageous. Call your utility company ASAP!
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