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I'm back

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I'm back

Postby bkjones » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:59 pm

I posted a few times over the summer, I'm still in the same brownstone duplex with basement access apartment with the same slum lordess.

The LL has never done maintenance service on waste line. Debris built up and blocked line. My washing machine in basement filled up with sewage water and flooded the basement affecting my storage items. The backup continued up the line un-noticed to the garden level. Overnight the bathroom toilet and shower backed up and cause sewage to spill over onto floor in bathroom, out into hallway, then under wall into kitchen, then under refrigerator and up to kitchen cabinets.
The LL gave me an ok to find a plumber, but has not replied to any of my messages since. The waste line is now open. But. . . I have a washer full of sewage and the contamination is on 2 floors.
I plan to deduct the plumbers fee and the professional sanitizing crew's fee from rent. Am I able to bill her for the washer replacement and my other damaged items? How about any compensation for the experience?
My house smells like an outhouse. I had to send my daughter to stay someplace safe. This is not only gross beyond belief, but is a real health hazard. My dog stupidly drank some of the flooding water and is now very sick.
Is LL fully responsible since she never maintained the line? Plumber explained that it should be serviced at least 1x a year but noted that the caps to my line had NEVER been opened before.
My apologies if this is too long. I hope someone can offer advice. I am overwhelmed.
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Postby bkjones » Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:42 pm

no responses?
I found a plumber. I found the sanitizing crew. I paid cash. I will deduct both bills from future rents.
I missed 2 days of work. (I work on commission- so that's a loss)
I want my washer replaced. I have not yet assessed the amt of personal items I had that were affected in basement.
Can I be compensated for this as well?

The sewage spill passed under my fridge. The sterizers moved this and cleaned under. But mentally, I can't eat what was in there. Can I chrg her for replacing the food I'm going to throw away too?

I never did hear from LL.
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