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LL looking to early-terminate one year lease

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Postby AstoriaBound » Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:15 pm

Hi Cranky,

I didn't pay a broker's fee.

There's only another tenant on the 1st floor & the LL's live on the 2nd floor when they are in town (my apt in the basement, of course).
1st floor tenant's hardly speak english, so I doubt the LL has informed them of anything.
Plus, the dates noted on the DOB site stating when the inspector came by are dates that the 1st floor tenants were out of town as well.

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Postby Cranky Tenant » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:47 pm

AstoriaBound wrote:Am I allowed to "break" the lease that doesn't end until Jan 2012?
Am I obligated to give them a 30-day notice?
How do I handle my deposit situation?
Am I entitled to moving expenses because of all this mess?

ANY feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

If you signed a residential lease, stating you can live in the apartment, and the apartment isn't legal for living, my understanding is that the lease is invalid. Under the circumstances I would take concord's suggestion and tell the landlord to apply the security deposit to the last month's rent, especially if you plan to be gone by next month. You could always ask the landlord for moving expenses. The worst thing he can probably do is say no.
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