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landlord harrassment

Postby cadillacqueen » Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:15 pm

On June we moved into the non-regulated private house. It was a co-worker's pvt house. Big mistake. It was an emergency I only had money to pay for mover, I promised to pay her as soon as I can. That was Saturday, by Tuesday she called me complaining about the rent. I gave her what I had from one of my clients $250 in cash. She did not give me a receipt. The next day she said they were selling the house. Things needed to be fixed she said she would get it done that week. The kitchen cabnet is hanging by a nail, the faucet is missing a knob out of three front doors, only one works which is glass. The others if closed you get locked in or locked out, no smoke detectors, oven stays hot all the time. The following week she said that the court told her that I should not have let me move in with out the full balance and that I had to give it to her by that Friday, lie two. I remember she went to court on May 26 we moved in, and had no inkling that I was moving there until June 6/4/2011. She said her husband had moved out, lie four he stands across the street or leans against gait looking into my window. He sits on the steps scratching his privats, he ven went so far as to follow me to bus stop when I leave for work. On several occasion we heard someone try to put a key into our door, I didn't call the cops but on the last occassion I went to my precinct and was not taking seriously, I am also filing a complaint for them. Constanly jumpting across my ceiling. She has a illegal apartment in basement, the court made her brake that down, she has someone living in their again, I have pictures and voice recording of the stomping. On the hotest day of July Fri when we reached 105 she cut of my electricity, I called police they made her turn it back on, at work she has had a yelling spree infront of members about me recycling, that her husband went through my garbage, about me withholding rent, all of these at work is not allowed and we could be suspended, she follows me at work ask members where I am, her sons are driving with no insurance and switches license plate the new things is the blocked my toilet. Two weeks ago we heard a lot of hammering and a saw underneath my bathroom the next day Our toilet did not flush the water would trickle down then come right back up the water pressure was little to none, then with the hurricane Irene the toilet did not flush as all feces, and unrine is constantly overflowing. My son said that probably cut off our pipe to the septic tank. We are using buckets and pouring it down the drain. I am waiting on a legal notice but she wont do it she is trying to harrass me into leaving it is my understanding that she did this before to the previous girl who lived here Help what do I do\
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Postby ronin » Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:55 pm

Your mad because they look through your garbage to see if you are complying with the recycling law? Are you aware that the city sends Sanitation cops to dig through garbage and issue massive tickets to homeowners who don't comply? Are you kidding me?

You can't pay the tickets which can reach $500 per violation because you can't even come up with $250 towards rent. You have at least one other person living with you, and you just moved in without paying what was agreed and obviously didn't mind the place's problems when you slid in without rent and without deposit. And you have no sense of gratitude at all. The very least you could do is make sure to recycle properly so that they don't get hit with tickets that you can't even afford to pay back.

From what you have listed here it sounds like you are trying to take advantage of your coworker. Newsflash- the fact that she has an illegal tenant in the basement will not do you much good because you are not in the illegal unit. You might want to go back to the drawing board and scheme up something new.

It's people like you who make it so hard for tenants to find an affordable place to live. People who seek to abuse the system are the ones that have these little LL's hoarding space in a panic. It's just wrong. Stop it and go find someplace else. You just got there and it sounds from your attitude like you won't be there very long.

When I read these small LL posts I expect to read of some real abuse, but hearing that you don't like being told to recycle? You should be ashamed of yourself for writing that. I'm hoping to one day read a real abuse story here. I run into them periodically- stuff like the LL stealing, or letting the sewer back up (yours sounds false because the backup would be on the tenants in the basement), or other real issues.

Being asked to recycle just doesn't cut it as harassment.
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Postby cadillacqueen » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:23 pm

You got to be kidding me your focusing on the recycling? I was in NYC when the recycling law came in to effect, I know how to recycle and tell me where my my mail is our my USPS package is which is being investigated by post office, and I gave her her money too which she wanted cash, I gave a money order $1100 I would not give to anyone, cutting of the electricity because you had a con ed bill prior to me moving in so you say is not relevant? Being followed when I leave for work at 5:00 Am is not relevant having no water in bathroom is not relevant,? Causing scenes at work trying to get me fired is not relevant? And maybe you are the reason why there isn't decent affordable housing , and the fact that she did this to two other people one who we work with is not relevant, only the recycling Thank you for your post it explains why there are people like you around
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Postby TenantNet » Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:48 pm

I always find it difficult to read posts without paragraph breaks, or with run-on narratives that make little sense. Is that's why there's no affordable housing?
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Postby Emeraldstar » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:51 pm

Hi All
Understood there's a lot of s....from Irene :roll:
Time to evacuate :shock:
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Postby ronin » Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:11 am

It could be Tenant...

LL: "Dammit, cant make sense of run-on block of text. Better raise the rent!" LOL.

But then again, LL's have been known to want to raise the rent because the sun rose in the morning... or because they realized water was wet.
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