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Now What?

Postby NYCPearl » Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:31 pm

I have been renting a coop apartment (ground floor just above the basement trash, etc.) and have come to the end of a two- year lease, and have been in the apartment for three years. I was overrun by bugs this past summer and fought to get the building to take care of the problem -- in mid-July, I finally paid a private exterminator and had to have help with cleanup since the situation was so bad. Then, the building skipped treating my apartment at the beginning of August so I got the private company again. There were numerous back and forth emails with the management company -- with excuses about my having pets in the apartment preventing them from doing any treatments -- and ultimately, the building exterminator came back. The other issue (that is related since it contributes to the bug problem) is plumbing problems - the dishwasher backed up (stopped using it a year ago) and there was water sitting underneath it and under the kitchen sink and/or behind the walls; there was a leak from the apartment above last year that required walls to be pulled out to fix them and I do not know if they are continuing to leak behind the walls.. There are constantly leaking faucets in both the kitchen and bathroom. After going back and forth with the management, the super -- and the landlord cc'd on all of this -- since July after the private exterminator said that these water problems were causing bug problems, the building finally decided that the plumbing problems are inside the apartment and that it is up to the landlord to take care of fixing the dishwasher and the leaks. The landlord had been nice (?) before when I wanted to move out - even lowered the rent -- but now that I've said want I want to be compensated for having to take care of the problems, and am now being told that it is up to me to fix the plumbing, etc. on top of having had to live through the roach nightmare, I told him I'm not paying the rent until this stuff is fixed -- so now he's suing me. I do not want to lay out more money to fix stuff (since my lease is almost over and I haven't gotten a renewal offer- like I expect one?). Can I just move out and haggle with him in court over what I paid, the things I lost and had to replace as a result of his negligence? Obviously, I can't get a referral from this landlord. Can I present my side of the story somewhere so I am able to get another apartment before I get blacklisted? Or am I already toast?
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