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Management company changing address

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Management company changing address

Postby cm1988 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:23 pm


My management company changed their address a six days before rent was due and my roommates and I sent our checks to the wrong address. They sent us the notice in an email but it was not the main point. The email was about paying rent online through Paylease. At the very bottom of the email in small red print, underneath the signature and address, they put an asterisk and wrote in small font "please note the change in address."

My question is if there is a certain time frame for management companies to tell us when they have changed their address or not. My roommates had to pay $30 each to cancel their checks, which I think is unfair. I know we overlooked it but when a management company changes their address I think tenants deserve a fair warning. The address change should have been in a separate email and the subject line. I don't want to sound malicious but I feel like they noted the address change at the very bottom because they want everyone to pay online, which required another fee (albeit a small one). Sorry for the rant and thank you for the answers in advanced!
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Re: Management company changing address

Postby TenantNet » Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:30 pm

If the LL is smart, they would have put a change of address to the USPS. If not, and if there is no one to receive it at the old location, then it should be returned to you. You can also stop the check and issue a new one, but as you point out, there's a hefty fee for that.

Personally I would wait until the check is returned, or not. If the LL has late penalties in your lease, that might be different. Many leases also have a provision that all "notices" must be by mail or certified mail, so you can always claim improper notice.

You can send the LL an email telling them about the issue. (don't call it a mistake - if anyone made a mistake it was the LL).

There really is no law on this; only common sense.

Bottom line, it's not your mistake. Do not pay any extra fee, either to cancel the check or as late payment to the LL.
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