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illegal c/o?

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illegal c/o?

Postby emo » Tue Jan 24, 2006 12:23 pm

wondering if anyone has any experience with this situation. we moved into a commercial space 7 months ago. it was clearly promoted as a residential space (loft of course) in the rental notices and in all discussions and representations by the broker.
i have checked the dept of buildings and know that they have received numerous citations for illegal occupation as well as many 'work without permit' citations.
the lease though, is a commercial lease.
we want to move before the end of our lease due to obnoxious neighbors and multiple issues regarding the buildings ongoing maintenance problems (although the landlord does respond and fixes things after 3-6 mos. of complaints).
do we have any way of getting out without being responsible for the remaining rent on the lease? i am just wondering if there is anyway to get out of it because of the representation of residence and the citations?
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Re: illegal c/o?

Postby Anna » Tue Jan 24, 2006 1:43 pm

Is this an IMD building?

Does the current CO permit residential use of your loft?
Has LL applied for new CO?
Find out here:

Is bldg zoned for residential or mixed use?

If not IMD and NO residential CO, click search, above, and read about MDL 302: no rent would be collectible by LL. (you did save those ads, right?)
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