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Williamsburg Loft

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Williamsburg Loft

Postby billybrg » Fri Jan 10, 2003 2:49 am

I have been living in a loft situation in Williamsburg for 2 years last November 15th. I was sent a letter stating intent to resign our lease at no increase and same terms as previous lease. That's my first question: Is this legally binding? Secondly I have been unemployed since September and hence late with rent every month, but only once at 20 days and no more than 15 each month after. Now that things are actually starting to catch up, My LL is reniging on the new lease. Although I have explained every month the financial problems and have always paid on time in the past, I am now faced with this. There is actually on more point, which is kind of making me feel easier. I moved in on the 15 of the month and now wonder if this is when my rent is due. I also paid 1st/last and deposit all at once. Wouldn't this stand to reason that my rent is not due until the 15th of each month or that I am actually 1/2 a month ahead. Any input here would be great.
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