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I have a non paying (and mean!) tenant, please help me :(

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I have a non paying (and mean!) tenant, please help me :(

Postby DavidCappell » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:35 pm

The owner of the house is my dad. I am going to help him on this one as I just started law school and want to make him proud :)

The house is in Tannersville. The tenant has not paid for the last 4 months rent.

What happened is the tenants were a married couple with a few kids, and then they split up. The father was a decent tenant who paid the rent (although usually late). They have been tenats for a while, and as such there one year lease expired (I assume it automatically converted to a month to month?) The wife I believe paid one or two months rent (or rent minus maybe $20-$30), but she has since stopped paying. She did send a letter during the month or two when she paid, that she is short a little and that she will make it all up really soon. When my father called her about two months ago she started cursing and yelling! My dad was willing to work something out with her, but not anymore. She is a very mean lady and I would like to give her what she deserves.

I have asked a few people about the process, but everyone is giving me different information! lol

From what I understand I must give her notice (at least 4 days in advance).
Can I mail out a certified letter? (it's about an 8hr round trip drive for me to go upstate).

Also what should I write in the notice?

The next step from what I understand is setting a court date/appointment. Any method of doing this without having to drive upstate?

I hear the judge almost always allows the tenant to stay another month, as long as they promise to pay, I am ok with that.

After that month I hire a marshal (is this person a state employee or a private contractor?) and the marshal will remove the tenant and change the locks.

Thanks in adance guys!

Happy Holiday :)

David Cappell
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Postby TenantNet » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:40 pm

Aren't you on the wrong web site?
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Postby DavidCappell » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:42 pm

I am not sure, am I on the wrong website? That would explain why I couldn't find a similar discussion by searching the forums ;-)

If I am on the wrong website, I am sorry. I thought this website is for dealing with landlord/tenant issues.

Do you know of a good web forum that discusses landlord issues?

Thanks buddy :)
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