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Live in HUD apt. Mangement is harrassing me.

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Live in HUD apt. Mangement is harrassing me.

Postby cdonovan » Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:43 am

Has anyone ever dealt with "landlord harrassment"? I could go into the particulars but red flags go up when you are saying you are being harrassed and people tend not to believe you. They think you are part of the problem because "no landlord" would harrass a tenant. But that simply is not true. Harrassment comes in many forms.

Have you ever experienced "landlord harrassment"?

Just need some support because it is really starting to get to me emotionally. Hard time sleeping, etc. Being given lease violations for the most innocent things. Let's start there. Things you would NEVER believe someone is getting a lease violation over.

Making inappropriate comments to me, threatening to evict me over the fact I found a dog on the property and it was outside my window crying in the cold and in the snow. I thought I knew who the dog belonged to and took the dog to their apt. It was 1am when I was awoken by the crying dog. I got a lease violation for going to someone's door at 1am! I explained I believed this to be someone's dog and was only trying to help both the dog and the owner. That didn't matter to them. And they put at end of lease violation "this could be grounds for eviction". Lease violations of a bizarre nature. Guy who has a head injury and was with his counselor when he moved in says I am "peering into his window (from the outside) spying on him". This is ludicrous, untrue and just plain silly. Yet I get a lease violation simply because this man said this. (For one the man has black curtains up and they are always drawn.)

Ever been harrassed with lease violations, comments or anything else?
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Postby revolutionaryrob » Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:22 pm

I'm so sorry you never got a reply on this topic.

I would at least try to keep as much in writing as possible, and take pictures, video and audio recordings to document your side of the story.

Nobody can write you a letter threatening to evict you because you knocked on someone's door over a barking dog.

Every time you receive a harassing letter like that you should forward a copy of it to your HUD office and say "This is harassing ME."
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